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Testimonials from satisfied patients

We get a lot of notes, letters and cards from our former patients and their family members.  None of the senders were compensated or directed in any way. 

We are very grateful for the opportunity to be of assistance to the great people of this community and are proud to be a part of it.


I just wanted to write and say thank you for my ‘new’ and improved jaw line and much needed boost to my self esteem. Words don’t seem quite enough to express my sincere gratitude, but I hope you know how much its felt. I know I was a little bit disappointed with how much swelling I had on the day I got my stitches out, but I’m not the most patient person. So my apologies and I’ll trust you when you say I need to give it some more time.
I also wanted to say thank you for the lovely flowers- they definitely brightened my day.

My wife thought about having breast reduction for over 2 years. I was always against it. I remember you insisted on speaking to me in person. I will be honest that when she went to see you first I was ready for a fight. Even after we have met, I was still hesitant. Now, I cannot thank you enough. She used to come home and rest after work for hours with back pain. After the surgery [my wife] has so much more energy and enthusiasm. We are able to do so many things together again. Please accept this girl as the sign of our sincere appreciation.

I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for me. You saved my life. I would never do cosmetic surgery abroad EVER. I am not ready to have the reconstruction yet, but when I am ready, there is no-one else I would trust. I cannot believe how easy it actually was. I was a wreck…sorry for all the phone calls and questions…I think I called you at least a hundred times. But every time I called and heard your calm voice it would put me at ease… Now my boobies look better than ever. Good bye to bras forever… Thank you for everything.

Happy holidays. Thank you very much for everything you have done. Your office staff is the best. Please say “hi” to Julia. She is a doll. My younger sister is coming to see you after the first of the month. I told her tat I would trust only you.

Wishing you all and your families the BEST holiday season. I can most certainly say mine has been the best and a big, no HUGE THANKS to you! I am so pleased with all that you have done because of you I’m so happy. I feel like a whole new person and I owe it to all of you. You guys are the BEST. I love my new body and there aren’t words that can say thank you enough. Not only do I thank you, but my family does too!

It was absolutely worth every penny. I love my breasts. I am perfect at 36C. You were right; I cannot see the scars at all. I will see you in 6 months during spring break…

When I saw you first, I thought that you looked too young to be a plastic surgeon. I never told you but that is why I did not do the first surgery with you. If you remember, I had my other surgery done by Dr. [X]. He looked much older than you (please do not be offended) and I thought that age meant experience. What a horrible mistake!...
… Everything was OK until I had complications from my surgery. My mother said “go back to Dr. Volshteyn, but I don’t think he will take you”. I still cannot believe that you agreed to take me back and redo the surgery. Thank you so much.
The nightmare is finally over. My stomach looks absolutely wonderful…I will see you next fall for my face and I promise to quit smoking.

Everyone in this office was amazingly kind, helpful, and supportive. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience! Thank You!

I wish to express my heartfelt thanks for surpassing my expectations in the procedures your office performed for me with awesome results. I had a “belt lift” to tighten the front and back of my body. My tummy and bottom look like when I was a teenager, tightened and in place. I never thought it possible to ever get close to looking like that again- totally awesome! I never experienced any problem with this surgery, and never took one pain pill even to this day.
My right eyebrow was damaged 20 some years ago by a face-lift when I was in my 40’s. The plastic surgeon who performed this procedure accidentally cut the nerve that moves the eyebrow causing paralysis, complete loss of motion and sensation in my right eyebrow making this eyebrow descend lower on my face than the other.
I had done all my research on this particular surgeon, investigated his medical background thoroughly along with contacting State Board of Medical Examiners. This surgeon at the time was the only plastic surgeon that one of the well-known hospitals in this area recommended to perform plastic surgery. He was on the Board at the hospital as well, so I felt confident in his skills.
Through the year I had surgery performed on this eyebrow by three different plastic surgeons. They tried to replace the asymmetry n my face in order to make the eyebrow appear on the same plane as the undamaged one. I have indentations in my head where the attempts were made to pull the forehead back thus pulling up the eyebrow. Another attempt was to have threads hold the eyebrow in place. When the eyebrow was still swollen it looked like it was going to stay in place, once the swelling went down the eyebrow fell also.
It is quite evident that the previous surgeons convinced me at the time they could pull up the eyebrow and make it stay in place but did now know how to keep it permanently in position making these attempts a destined failure. Unfortunately, none of these attempts were successful. I tried to camouflage this discrepancy with eyebrow pencil and makeup still being quite noticeable that constantly bothered me over the years on a daily basis. One plastic surgeon I went to about this dilemma having had 40 years experience in plastic surgery stated he considers himself a very good surgeon but that this problem was beyond his capabilities. He suggested I contact a plastic surgeon in Los Angeles where many of these types of surgeries are performed.
Boris Volshteyn, M.D., was the fourth plastic surgeon to undertake the correction of my right eyebrow. He explained to me that he would attach and then stitch the eyebrow to the bone. This procedure was unlike any of the other surgeons explained in how they would perform this type surgery. Vowing that this was the fourth and final time I would try to have the eyebrow corrected, I really wasn’t all that hopeful Dr. Volshteyn’s technique would work. Now over 5 weeks after the surgery, the eyebrow has stayed in place with the curve in the eyebrow, swelling has gone down and still the eyebrow remains in place. As a matter of fact, the right eyebrow looks better than the undamaged left eyebrow. My face doesn’t look as awkward as it did before with one eyebrow so much lower than the other. Every morning when I get up I rush to the mirror to see if the eyebrow is still in place and it remains in place. I can’t begin to state how ecstatic I am after 20 years and four surgeons later that the youngest surgeon had the technique and knew what he was doing in order to correct the problem that had resulted from a badly cut nerve.
It has been a pleasure working with your office on my medical problems where one is truly listened to, and concerns are first and foremost. The very best work is done for one- nothing but perfection. The staff is full of caring thoughtful individuals that adhere to every need. One staff member did state to me that once I have Dr. Volshteyn I will never need another plastic surgeon- he is that good,

Thank you for your care and the lovely flowers you sent. Any kind of surgery is always scary but you answered all our questions and put both our minds at ease. Thank You.

I want to thank you all for all your help and patience with my surgery! You all are wonderful! Thank you also for the beautiful arrangement of flowers. It was extremely thoughtful.

Thank you so much for your time and patience with me. You have done an amazing job, I am thrilled with the results thus far!! I am a new woman!! Many many many many thanks.

I’m elate with my face lift! Having it done was a wonderful way to celebrate my 75th birthday and 50th wedding anniversary. Thank you for the lovely flower arrangement. See you when I’m back from the cruise!

I am grateful to Dr. Volshteyn. I had my cosmetic surgery abroad. Unfortunately, the things went sour. I went from one office to another but no-one wanted to deal with someone else’s complications. Dr. Volshteyn was the only one who agreed to help. Now my face looks normal again. Thank you so much.

My son was suffering from gynecomastia now for 5 years. He was continuously teased by his classmates about his breasts. We could not imagine how bad it was. We even had to change schools because of that. Dr. Volshteyn understood [our son’s] problem right away. We spend over an hour and a half in his office talking about surgery. Now [he] is 3 months after surgery and us doing great. Thanks a lot.

Dr. V- You’re quite the man Not Just a Dr.- I’m your biggest fan. You showed me kindness Beyond my scope And you became My biggest hope. I was feeling sad, alone, and blue But the angels were watching And along came you. You’ve been so sweet and gentle And showed you care And the best part of all You were always there. My hunches about you Turned out to be right My face feels fine And it doesn’t look so tight. So to all my friends Even those I don’t know I have to say There’s only one place to go. You can call me and talk I’ll fill your heart with glee But there’s only one Dr And that’s Dr. V. You’ll always be my Dr.- But I will always be your friend.

Dear Dr. Volshteyn, No more love handles! No more sagging chin and neck! No more frown lines! Thank you so much! I’m delighted I had this done. I also appreciate your friendly, helpful staff.

Hi Everybody! I thank you so much for all of your kindness to [my husband] and I. The flowers you sent are very beautiful. It will be a week and they are still fresh and blooming. We truly appreciate how thoughtful and concerned you have been.

Thank you for taking the time to explain the procedure re Quick Lift, which I hope to have done before the end of the year. I do have a court case coming up soon. Hopefully I will be granted the funds that will allow me the opportunity to have my surgery done. I CAN”T WAIT!! But I must! I was very impressed with Dr. Volshteyn’s whole operation and the way patients are taken care of and potential customers as well. I will be in touch as soon as I am able to do so. Thanks again-
P.S. As the song says…. If you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere! True, True! Being from Philadelphia, I really can say that.

I would like to share my experience with Sierra Plastic Surgery and Dr. V.…
Meet Kathy:
At 46 years old, I accepted the fact that the skin around my upper and lower eyes was showing signs of aging. I attribute the excessive skin on my upper eyes to strong genetic influences. I had baggy eyelids like my aunts and grandpa. Overlapping skin now accentuated my baggy upper eyes. Using liquid eye make-up only emphasized the creases on my road map looking eyelids. Now I began to notice skin on my lower eyes bagging, and increasing in mass. OK- I was going to have the skin around my eyes surgically treated- decision made!!! As I evaluated the changes to the skin surrounding my eyes, I noticed my skin under my chin had loosened. Not excessive loose skin, but none the less some drooping had taken place under my chin. (I swear it happened over night).
My meeting with Sierra Plastic Surgery and Dr. V
To my surprise, Dr. V provided options for me. A 50-minute lift would tighten the skin under my chin and my forehead. I apparently began lifting my forehead to open my eyes to see, and now I had the creases to prove this practice. The skin around my upper and lower eyes would be tightened. Last but not least, I had some injections in my upper lip to make it plumper. Recovery was no bad. The stitches around my eyes would were removed within a week. The stitches behind my ear and in my scalp were removed within two weeks of surgery.
Many of my co-workers knew about the surgery around my eyes; however, only on co-worker knew about the 50-minute lift. I decided at the last minute to have the lift, so I decided not to say anything and see if others would notice. People have commented about being able to see my eyes now. One woman who did now know I had surgery commented about how open my face/ eyes seemed. And finally, a business acquaintance I have not seen in a year popped his head in my office. He said hello and I looked great, did I change my hair color he asked. I told him I did.
What a great feeling to look and feel younger. I know my chronological age is now 47, but I really feel more like 37 and I know I look younger than I did before. For me, I appreciate the feeling of looking younger. Every morning I am reminded of that fact.

Dear Dr. Volshteyn and girls, Thank you for taking such food care of me. We are keeping you all in our prayers and trust that the holidays find you all health and happy.

Thank you so much for the flower arrangement. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for the new me. It has given me the push I needed to start loosing the extra weight I have gained these last few years. Dr, you and your staff are great and very pleasant to see on my follow up appointments.

To all of you at the office of Boris Volshteyn M.D., Thank you very much for juggling the schedule and getting me in for surgery in record time. Sometimes you just need to do it before you over think too much. I look forward to getting through this healing time and can’t wait to see my new body. Thank you all for everything especially Dr. Volshteyn.

My testimonial:
I looked for a local plastic surgeon to help me with a mid-section, all the way around, band of fat. I’m normal sized and work out , but had this band of stubborn fat around the middle. I went in for a consultation with Dr. Volshteyn, and he and his staff were very friendly and knowledgeable. They gave me their ideas of what could be done for the best results. They also gave me information on some different options for financing, There was no high pressure, and I left, but I hadn’t decided what to do yet. I finally made up my mind what I wanted to actually get done and went back. Before I knew it, it was surgery day. (Actually it seemed like a long time to wait… I was excited to get going!)
It went very smoothly, and soon I was home. My recovery has been pretty easy, and I am very happy with the results at 7 weeks. And there is still more improvement to go, I have been told, as time goes by. Even now I can put on old pants that were so tight in the waist I thought I’d never wear them again, and no love handles! I am excited to see the FINAL FINAL results (like at 6-8 months or a year), but so far I am very happy!

Dear Sierra Plastic Surgery, I wanted to thank all of you for always being so nice and friendly. Thank you, and for always having a smile on your faces. We hope you enjoy the cookies. Much thanks.

Dr. Volshteyn, Thank you so much for the beautiful work you did on me, I LOVE IT! You are such a great doctor. I can really tell you care so much for your patients. Thank you again. We hope you enjoy the cookies. Much thanks!

Thank you so much for your kind attention and support. I don’t know what I would have done without you! I am very happy with my choice!!

Dr. Volshteyn, I want to thank you and you staff for all the support and kindness you have shown me. This has been an incredible experience!

Dear Dr. Volshteyn and staff, Thank you so much for taking the years away and making me feel “normal” again. Thank you also for being so caring and helpful. You are a terrific team!

Dr. Volshteyn is the best. I came to him for a second opinion, but decided to stay. He really listened to me. The staff is very nice and down to earth.

Thank you for the beautiful flowers. Also, thank you for my “perky smaller boobs” and flatter tummy! Much love,

I wanted to let you know Dr. Volshteyn what a nice staff you have. Mary Jo was so nice to answer all my questions. Christi has been so wonderful about all the paperwork and all. I’m sure you appreciate your staff. Thank all of you for working with me so I can get my surgery behind me. My best regards to all of you!

Thank you very much for the beautiful flowers. It was very thoughtful of you.
I appreciate the wonderful care I have received from Dr. Volshteyn and the staff.

Dear everyone at Sierra Plastic Surgery, Recovery and therapy is going well. Thanks all for your fine work.

dr volshteyn

Dr. Volshteyn is a board certified Plastic Surgeon, who is specialized in reconstructive and plastic surgery.

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Dr. Daniels is the Medical Director of Daniels Vein Center, and is a highly skilled vascular specialist.

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Janet P Parler MD is one of the most respected and experienced board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeons in New Jersey.

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"I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for me. You saved my life. I would never do cosmetic surgery abroad EVER. I am not ready to have the reconstruction done yet, but when I am ready, there is no-one else I would trust." -Esmeralda F

"The nightmare is finally over. My stomach looks absolutely wonderful... I will see you next fall for my face and I promise to quit smoking." -Galina P

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