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Treating Venous Insufficiency

Venous insufficiency is most treatable in its earliest stages. Interventional Radiologists like, Dr Daniels typically recommend a combination of treatments in order to prevent leg ulcers and reduce blood from pooling in the legs.

Self-Care Strategies:

Venous Insufficiency gets worse over time. There are several methods that can ease pain and irritation as well as prevent the condition from getting worse.  These self-care treatment strategies include:

Wear compression stockings: Compression stockings help prevent leg swelling and blood clots. This first- line therapy gently squeezes the legs, thereby moving blood up the legs and improving blood flow.
Avoid long periods of standing or sitting
Exercise regularly— especially walking
Lose weight (if overweight)
Elevate legs above the level of the heart while sitting and lying down
Practice good skin hygiene—this includes treating skin infections with antibiotics
If taking a long trip, flex and extend legs, feet, and ankles 10 times every 30 minutes—this keeps the blood flowing in your leg veins
Take frequent breaks— sit down and elevate your feet when required to stand for long periods of time
In cases of post-thrombotic syndrome, medication may be prescribed to prevent the formation of additional blood clots. 

1 out of every 10 Americans reports being in pain regularly. Even more people have health concerns that they just can’t explain – things like feeling fatigued, experiencing heavy legs, or just an overall sense that something’s just not right. People who are actively trying to improve their fitness often run into frustrating plateaus when unexplained aches and pains limit their ability to move freely and exercise effectively.

When You Know What the Problem Is, You Can Find A Solution

If you’ve had a hard time discovering what’s causing you to feel less than your best, know that you’re not alone. Nearly 60% of people who have chronic pain report that they’ve seen multiple doctors in attempt to discover what’s going on.  Ultrasound is a completely safe, non-invasive diagnostic procedure that can be used to identify some of the most common causes of unexplained pains and performance-impacting physical symptoms. Circulatory issues are often the most common culprit. Luckily, once these have been identified, a clear and direct resolution is generally possible with a minimally invasive 30-minute surgical procedure.

Eliminate the Mystery & Move Forward Confidently

One of the worst aspects of having unexplained aches and pains is the very human tendency to imagine the worst-case scenario. This can cause levels of stress and anxiety that are completely unwarranted, which is bad for your physical and emotional well-being.  Having a Vascular Ultrasound can provide the answers you’ve been desperately seeking.  
At ASA, we’ve seen the relief people experience when they finally discover what’s been causing them so much distress. By eliminating the uncertainty, fear and frustration, a Vascular Screening makes it possible for patients to make informed treatment choices that dramatically improve their health and happiness.

People of all ages, shapes, and sizes are experiencing tremendous leg pain with no sense of relief, all because they haven’t been exposed to the idea that their circulation might be to blame.   Most are shocked to discover that Venous Insufficiency is the cause of their chronic leg pain.  Vascular Ultrasound gives patients the answers they need to free themselves from constant suffering.   Treatment can give patients a new lease on life, and all the issues they once experienced – the numbness, the cramping, the waking up at 2 am in too much pain to sleep – vanish completely. 

Minimally Invasive Treatment Provides Instant, Lasting Relief

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night because your legs hurt?
Do you experience swelling or heaviness in your legs?
Is the ache worse after spending a long day at work?

So many people suffer tremendously because they never consider the idea that the issue might be with their circulation. As a physician, there’s nothing more satisfying than helping a patient who’s experiencing severe pain feel better. That’s what these procedures do.

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