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Experienced Lipoma Treatment in West Long Branch

Lipoma Treatment in West Long BranchDeveloping a lipoma can be a stressful and frustrating situation. You may feel concerned about your health and appearance, and unsure of where to turn for treatment. At Atlantic Surgical Associates, we've provided countless patients with effective lipoma treatment in West Long Branch. Boris Volshteyn, MD, and his team know how to address your situation and provide treatment that leaves minimal scarring and protects your aesthetic.

If you have questions or are looking for a team to trust for your lipoma removal, we have the skill and compassion to help you through every step. Contact our practice and schedule your consultation today.


What Is a Lipoma?

A lipoma is a fatty lump of benign tissue that grows between the skin and muscle in the subcutaneous layer. They can appear anywhere but are most commonly found on the:

  • Back
  • Neck
  • Shoulders
  • Arms
  • Legs
  • Torso
  • Forehead

Most people will only have one, but some can develop multiple, especially if it runs in the family. Lipomas usually happen between ages 40-60 but can appear at any age and possibly even at birth. They are fairly common; about one in every 1,000 people will develop one, and they can appear in both men and women. It's unclear why a lipoma develops, though they tend to be hereditary.

Is a Lipoma Dangerous?

In most cases, a lipoma is both harmless and painless. What determines whether a lipoma should be treated is usually its appearance and location, especially if one appears in a place that is uncomfortable or affects your daily activity. Most lipomas are smaller than two inches, but some can grow larger than six inches wide, becoming noticeable and irritating.

Occasionally, a lipoma can grow into the muscle, which can be painful and make movement more difficult. Although very rare, it's also possible for a lipoma to become a liposarcoma, a type of cancer.

Treatment Options for Lipoma in West Long Branch

For most people, it's possible to live with a lipoma without any issues. However, if it is causing you discomfort and frustration, or you are concerned about its health effects, Dr. Volshteyn is happy to consult with you and explain your treatment options. Lipoma treatment is safe, effective, and can usually be done in a single day.

Depending on your situation, Dr. Volshteyn may recommend one of these options:

Steroid Injection: Injecting a steroid at the site of the lipoma will break down the fatty tissue, causing it to shrink. This option can be ideal for small lipomas but may not work as well on larger ones, as it may not eliminate all fatty tissue from the site.

Lipodissolve: This is a combination of purified liver enzyme and phosphatidylcholine. Like steroid injections, it breaks down the fatty tissue, creating a smoother appearance. It also works best on smaller lipomas.

Liposuction: For larger, slow-growing lipomas, the doctor may recommend liposuction. This allows us to remove the lipoma with minimal impact on the skin, so there's less scarring. It's an effective option for patients who are more likely to scar due to genetics or skin tone, as well as patients who are high-risk for surgery complications.

Surgical Removal: This is the most common treatment method, as it provides complete removal of the lipoma tissue. It also provides a sample if a tissue biopsy is needed. The area is treated with a local anesthetic to make treatment more comfortable. Using a laser or scalpel, the lipoma tissue is carefully separated from the normal fatty tissue and excised. For most cases, this procedure is straightforward and doesn't require general anesthesia. Full anesthesia may be required in highly complex cases, such as large lipomas, lipomas that invade deep tissue, or when the lipoma is surrounding vital nerves and organs.

Why Choose a Plastic Surgeon?

patient consulting Lipoma treatment options with West Long Branch Plastic SurgeonWhile several different physicians can treat a lipoma, there is an advantage to seeking surgical treatment from a plastic surgeon. As the training emphasizes aesthetic results, plastic surgeons understand how to perform incisions in a way that will create the smallest amount of scarring. Dr. Volshteyn can use a special technique to make minimally invasive incisions, especially when performing a procedure on a highly visible area.

One of the factors that most impacts how scars develop are relaxed tissue tension lines. The tissue within the body moves along these lines in complex ways determined by internal and external factors, usually located along the muscle fibers. Plastic surgeons know how to work along these lines when making incisions, thus reducing the tension on the area during healing and decreasing the appearance of scar tissue.

Another important aspect of surgical lipoma treatment is how the deep tissue is rejoined after treatment. If the tissue is not connected closely, it can create excess skin tension. An empty space could also form, which will gradually fill with fluid. Dr. Volshteyn can use a fibrin tissue glue or a special quilting stitch to provide a closer fit of tissue, thus decreasing fluid formation in the area after lipoma removal.

Lipoma Treatment from Your West Long Branch Plastic Surgeon

Developing a lipoma doesn't have to be something you learn to live with. If you're frustrated with a lipoma interfering with your self-confidence or quality of life, Atlantic Surgical Associates has the skill and experience to help you feel like your best self again. Dr. Boris Volshteyn and his team are passionate about providing effective West Long Branch lipoma treatment that preserves your aesthetics and health all at the same time.

Find out more about how lipoma treatment from an experienced plastic surgeon can make a difference for you. Schedule your consultation today!


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