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Reconstructive Surgery


Surgical Reconstruction at Atlantic Surgical Associates

Patients in the West Long Branch area deserve a plastic surgeon who can boost their confidence and help them regain a sense of self. Dr. Boris Volshteyn is a highly-trained medical professional and microsurgeon who specializes in reconstructive procedures to restore soft tissues after trauma. At Atlantic Surgical Associates, we use the latest in medical technologies and techniques to provide consistent, transformative results.

Reconstructive Procedures after Trauma in West Long Branch

Dr. Volshteyn performs a variety of reconstructive surgeries to treat varying issues after trauma has occurred. Our plastic surgeon understands that no two patient cases are alike. He treats every person with the unique attention they deserve and takes an innovative approach to complex surgeries. Patients visit our practice for the following: 

Facial Reconstruction

Frontal Sinus Fractures

These can be caused by high-velocity impacts and can be difficult to diagnose correctly. Our surgeon determines if a patient has a frontal sinus fracture by using a CT scan and obtaining sinus x-rays. It is best to address this injury as soon after occurrence as possible before more complications begin to develop. Some symptoms of an FS fracture include forehead swelling, nasal pain, and a prickling sensation on the upper portion of the face. 

Nose Fracture/ Broken Nose

This is a common result from sports injuries, falls, or accidents. Broken or fractured noses are characterized by facial swelling, bruising around the eyes, and bleeding from the nostrils. We diagnose broken or fractured noses through physical examination, review of personal medical history, and CT scan.  Treatment should be sought as soon after injury as possible and commence within 7 to 14 days after the original date of injury. Treatment for this injury needs to be completed within seven to fourteen days after the trauma has occurred.

Midface Fracture

When injuries occur in the middle of the face, treatment by a knowledgeable and skilled surgeon is crucial.  The nasal cavity, cheekbone or orbital floor, and upper jaw are intimately intertwined.  When a blunt trauma occurs to any of these structures, it most likely affects the surrounding structures, including tissue and nerves.  Dr. Volshteyn ensures prompt treatment for this type of injury, which is of the utmost importance.

Body and Limb Injury Reconstruction

Crush Injury

This type of trauma can be life-threatening and requires immediate, extensive treatment. We determine the severity of the soft and hard tissue damage then devise a plan to address these issues and ensure the patient’s safety. 

Nerve Compression

This is caused by direct pressure on a nerve and can lead to tingling, numbness, and/ or a burning sensation throughout the body. Nerve compression may only be diagnosed based on signs and symptoms and requires neuropathic treatments depending on the origin of the problem. 

Soft Tissue Repair

Sudden trauma to the ligaments, tendons, nerves, or blood vessels results in minor to severe damage. Our microsurgeon provides effective treatment for these delicate areas, so you can continue functioning without discomfort. 

Dog Bites

Our surgeon gently handles tissues with attention to anatomy, staged closure approach, and antibiotics.  All of our patients receive thorough cleaning and care instructions for dog bite wounds.  While these injuries can occur anywhere on the body, Dr. Volshteyn frequently treats patients with dog bites to the face and hands.

Depending on the severity and location of the injury you have sustained, same day emergency appointments are available. Dr. Volshteyn also accepts referrals from trauma centers and physicians. Simply have them contact our Edison office and we will work with them to have you transferred to our welcoming office. 

For more information about the reconstructive surgeries we offer, contact Atlantic Surgical Associates in Edison today and schedule a consultation with Dr. Volshteyn.


Dr. Volshteyn is a board certified Plastic Surgeon, who is specialized in reconstructive and plastic surgery.


"I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for me. You saved my life. I would never do cosmetic surgery abroad EVER. I am not ready to have the reconstruction done yet, but when I am ready, there is no-one else I would trust." -Esmeralda F

"The nightmare is finally over. My stomach looks absolutely wonderful... I will see you next fall for my face and I promise to quit smoking." -Galina P


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