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Vein Removal (Sclerotherapy)

New Jersey Vein Removal

Hands are a tell-tale sign of someone’s age. And since gloves went out of style long ago, it’s hard to not have them in plain site for all to see.

Large, prominent veins in the back of the hands cause most of the grief for people who are unhappy with their hands’ appearance. Two culprits cause the veins in the hands become more prominent. First, the skin on the back of the hands becomes thinner and shows veins more easily. Secondly, the veins themselves become less elastic, allowing more blood to collect in them, keeping them in an enlarged state, and pressing them closer to the already thinning skin.

You can treat these large veins in three ways: micro-fat grafting, which adds fat into the back of the hands to help hide the vein topography, sclerotherapy, and microphlebectomy (removal of the unsightly veins).

What is sclerotherapy?

Sclerotherapy has been used for decades to rid the lower extremities of varicose veins. Now it is commonly used not only on the legs but on the face and hands as well, and the results are excellent – most can expect a 100% improvement. Plus, the vein removal is permanent – the veins will not grow back or reappear. Once the veins are gone, they are gone.

Sclerotherapy is performed on an out-patient basis with local anesthesia. First a tourniquet is placed on the arm to ensure that the veins in the hands are fully expanded. Then, a special solution is injected into the unwanted veins. This solution causes the veins to collapse and scar and then close. Once the vein is closed it will be absorbed by the rest of the body. After the injections are completed, your treatment area will be wrapped with a compression bandage that must stay in place for two to twenty-four hours without being removed. You will be able to return to light activities that day and resume all normal activities in the next day or two.

With microphlebectomy, small one-eighth of an inch long incisions are made on the back of the hands and at the wrists. This allows the unsightly vein to be permanently removed. Microphlebectomy creates a permanent result — hands look younger and smoother.

What are the potential risks and complications of sclerotherapy?

While all surgical procedures carry some risk, sclerotherapy has very few complications. A small percentage of patients have suffered from infection, necrosis, bruising and swelling.  Bruising and swelling diminish and go away over a few days.

Those who have had mastectomies or currently have or will receive future dialysis shunts are not appropriate candidates for sclerotherapy. If you have had recent trauma to the arm or hand please tell your doctor, as this may cause complications.

So many spend time to look their best. After all that effort, who wants their hands to give away their age or make them look older than they really are? Sclerotherapy and microphlebectomy are easy, proven methods for bringing a youthful look to the hands. Since both of these options only take a few hours you will be back to your normal activities very quickly.

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