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New Jersey Collagen Injections

For many people who are working hard to battle the visual affects of aging, deep wrinkles or a loss of formerly plump skin act as constant reminders of what they are up against. As we age our skin loses elasticity and becomes thinner. Lines and wrinkles become more pronounced and once plump cheeks and lips can look sallow and thin. And nobody wants a sunken, lined look.

Collagen fillers can help to smooth out wrinkles — even hard to treat wrinkles around the mouth and eyes and brows — as well as plump up sunken cheeks and make lips fuller and more sensual looking.

About Collagen

Collagen is a naturally occurring, simple protein found in the human body as well as other living things. Collagen is found in skin, cartilage, bone and other connective tissues — it is not synthetic or foreign. As a "soft-tissue filler," collagen can improve the look of the skin's texture and appearance.

Collagen treatments are not permanent because the human body can metabolize it. Results of Collagen treatments will vary with each individual. It really depends on genetic tendencies, location of the injections and physical activity. In general, the more active the surrounding muscles are to the Collagen injections, the more quickly the collagen can be metabolized. That said, for some, collagen treatments last for weeks, others months, still others years and for a small, select group of people, the results appear to last indefinitely.

About Collagen Filler Treatment

Collagen Filler Treatments are quick procedures that usually take less than 30 minutes to perform. The collagen is injected into the treatment site with a very fine needle. Several injections are made along the treatment area to produce the desired effect. Lidocaine is commonly mixed with the collagen, creating a built-in anesthetic. Afterwards the treated area may feel a little itchy and it may appear red or swollen, but these symptoms will generally go away with a couple of hours or by the next day.

The treatment is quick and there are no special limitations afterwards — you can go right back to work or your normal activities. There are no food or beverage restrictions, no bandages, and best of all, no downtime.

Risks and Complications

Collagen Fillers are very safe and have been approved for use by the FDA for over twenty years. However, like most cosmetic procedures, there are slight and uncommon risks involved. Instances of infection, bleeding, abscesses and skin peeling have been reported. Your physician will discuss possible risks and complications before the treatment and will welcome you to share any questions you may have.

Collagen can cause an allergic reaction in some people as well. It is important to test for collagen allergies one month before your first Collagen injection. A small amount of collagen will be injected under your skin and then the area will be watched for three weeks. Any sign of redness, itching or swelling should be reported to your doctor. If you are allergic to Collagen, don't despair: there are different types of treatments available to you such as Micro-Fat Transfer or synthetic fillers.

Collagen Benefits

Collagen can work great as a treatment on its own, but is also an exemplary procedure to use in conjunction with any other plastic or cosmetic surgery you may undergo. Collagen Filler injections can compliment procedures such as Face, Eye or Forehead lifts, Rhinoplasty or chin implants, and skin resurfacing therapies such as Laser or Chemical Peels.

Collagen works best with deep wrinkles and lines like the ones that can run from the sides of the nose to the sides of the mouth or creases in the forehead. It is also a good solution for hallowed cheeks or marks from scars. And it works wonders for people who would like a more sensually full mouth: Collagen has been extremely successful with filling out thin lips.

If you are looking for an answer for a sunken, tired, line appearance, Collagen could be the right solution for you. FDA-approved and time and patient tested and proven, it can make a positive difference in your daily appearance.

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"I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for me. You saved my life. I would never do cosmetic surgery abroad EVER. I am not ready to have the reconstruction done yet, but when I am ready, there is no-one else I would trust." -Esmeralda F

"The nightmare is finally over. My stomach looks absolutely wonderful... I will see you next fall for my face and I promise to quit smoking." -Galina P

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