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Mini Lift Surgery in New Jersey

Sometimes it feels like we are racing against the clock trying to turn back the proverbial hands of time. But as time marches on, gravity seems to work hand-in-hand with lifestyle, genetics and repetitive motion to map our faces with lines, and pull down our cheeks and jowls with the weight of the world.

Preventative action. Proactive measures. Keeping ahead of the game. There seems to be no lack of jargon in today’s day and age. And while these sayings might sound cliché, they are embedded with truth. We are looking to take preventative steps to ensure a better future. We want to take action now to improve things in the future. And when it comes to curbing the aging process, everybody wants to be one step ahead of the game.

The mini facelift (quicklift ) can be the preventive measure in premature aging. Taking action now can slow down sagging in the future, keeping us one step ahead of time and gravity. This is an alternative to those that do not quite need a full face lift or to support a previous face lift.  This cosmetic procedure treats a localized part of the lower face. A mini lift / quicklift can be a smart solution for any of these reasons.

What is a mini lift, or quicklift?

The quicklift is the less-invasive cousin of the traditional face lift. By focusing on a smaller portion of the face or neck, the quicklift requires less anesthesia, fewer incisions and sutures, shorter procedure duration, and less time to recover.

The quicklift focuses on the lower-third of the face, either the cheek and mouth or the neck and jowls area. This is a unique combination of a minimal incision facelift technique and elegance of the modern thread suspension technology.

If you have heard of a quicklift or other mini lift procedures, the quicklift combines the durability of a traditional facelift, thread suspension of a MACS lift, and minimal incisions of a mini Lift. The quicklift focuses on the neck and jowl area as well as the mouth region.

For a quicklift, incisions are made in front of the ear. They start from the hairline and wrap around the ear lobe. Local anesthesia helps to numb the face, inhibits bleeding, and aids in the separation of the skin from the underlying tissue. In some cases the procedure can be performed only under local anesthesia with slight sedation.

Only a small portion of deep facial tissue, known as SMAS, is removed if needed to allow additional movement of the skin upward and then the threads are placed to lift and secure SMAS to the deeper structures. When we age, our facial tissues move downward. To achieve a very natural result and to avoid a “windblown look” we re-position your skin and deeper tissues to where they were in your youth. In a traditional face lift, this is difficult to accomplish. We are able to achieve this by lifting the fallen tissues with special sutures. Let me note here that these sutures hold and lift only deep tissues, avoiding tension on the skin completely. This way the “pulled” look is avoided. Our thread lift is very different from a widely publicized contour thread lift. In a contour thread lift small barbed threads are placed just under the skin and lift the skin only with small barbed hooks. That is why the duration of such a lift is 6-9 months and the results are very subtle.

The quicklift does not rely on skin hooks; it moves stronger and tougher deep tissues and secures them to the bone or other stable parts of the facial anatomy. Skin only follows their movement. The durability of a quicklift is 5-10 years, comparable to a traditional facelift. The unique use of threads achieves the same superb result as a traditional facelift with less surgery in less time and with less recovery.

You can have a quicklift on its own, or combine with other procedures such as an eyelid tuck (blepharoplasty), liposuction, cheek lift, corner lift, brow lift, chemical peel, or laser skin resurfacing.

Since the quicklift is on a smaller-scale than a full facelift, it can be a smart alternative for those with a localized trouble spot looking for a less extensive treatment with a shorter recovery time. The quicklift is also perfect for those who had a facelift years ago and looking for a touch-up treatment.

Other mini lifts focus on the neck and jowl area. The incisions are made in front of the ear, starting from just below the hairline and wrapping around the ear lobe. During the procedure a small piece of SMAS is removed allowing for the tissue tightening. Excessive skin is also removed. It is an elegant procedure, however, it results in more horizontal, rather than vertical pull. The results are not as dramatic as with a quicklift and are limited to the jowl and neck areas. The recovery is slightly shorter but so are the results.

What can I expect after a mini lift / quicklift?

Since the quicklift is less invasive than a full facelift, and similar to a mini lift, it requires less time off from work and your normal activities. However, you should expect to be off from work for up to a week. Discomfort you experience can be treated with medication. In many cases regular Tylenol is enough. Compression bandages and ice packs help to reduce swelling and you will be asked to keep your head elevated for several days (including when you sleep). Sutures will be removed about 5-7 days after the surgery and scarring will become less and less noticeable with time.

Am I a candidate for a quicklift / mini lift?

The quicklift can be a smart treatment for people looking for the following:

  • To treat a localized region on the lower face or neck

  • To look younger and more restful without having a traditional facelift

  • The want to look younger but not with an unnatural “pulled” look

  • To postpone the full facelift, or avoid it all together

  • To combine the quicklift with other procedures

  • To support the progress of a facelift performed years ago

Sometimes less is more and because of that, the quicklift has many advantages. It is less invasive, entails less surgery time, requires less anesthesia, involves less recovery time, and costs less. Since the quicklift is less invasive, this does not mean that the results are not as pronounced as a full facelift. The results last about 5-15 years.

What are the potential risks and complications of a mini lift?

While complications rarely occur, all surgeries come with some risks such as hematoma, swelling, bruising, numbness, and infection. Dr. Volshteyn will discuss all risks with you during the consultation. You can help to minimize any risks by closely following pre-and post-surgery instructions which can include quitting smoking at least two months before surgery, not taking aspirin two weeks before and after surgery, and resting as appropriate. Be sure to honestly communicate with your physician during the consultation, expressing your goals and expectations as well as your full medical history. The consultation is also the appropriate place to ask any questions you may have.

The quicklift offers a smart solution for localized problems and it might just be the solution you’ve been seeking. 

Call us today to schedule your mini lift / quicklift consultation with Dr. Boris Volshteyn, our board certified plastic surgeon. 732-641-3350

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Dr. Volshteyn is a board certified Plastic Surgeon, who is specialized in reconstructive and plastic surgery.

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"The nightmare is finally over. My stomach looks absolutely wonderful... I will see you next fall for my face and I promise to quit smoking." -Galina P

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