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Ok, nobody is perfect!  Unfortunately the same can be said about the breasts.  In most cases, however, we are able to improve the size, shape and symmetry of the breasts.  In some patients it is more difficult than others.

There is a condition known as tuberous breast deformity, aka tubular breasts.  Tuberous breast deformity is a congenital condition that involves one or both breasts.

Tuberous or tubular breast present when the breast is constricted by the scar tissue at the base and that scar tissue many times pushes breast tissue into the areola and the nipple causing them to bulge and enlarge.  It is also known as herniation.

The problem is that if this breast is enlarged by traditional techniques, the results are not going to be very pretty.  The breast will increase in size, but the scar tissue will not allow it to enlarge evenly, creating what is known as “double bubble” deformity.

Women with asymmetrical or tuberous breasts require extra care and attention in order to bring the size and shape of their breasts into harmony with one another. To create this symmetry the surgeon must release the scar tissue and strengthen the areola at the time of original surgery.  This can enhance the breast’s appearance tremendously.

If you have a significant difference between the breast shape and size, you may have tuberous breast deformity too.  The good news is that with the latest techniques, like unfurling and radial scoring, your breast shape can improve significantly.

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