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We all want to look our best. We want our bodies to be trim and in shape. We want our faces to look healthy and young. You can exercise and take care of yourself, but what about abnormalities such as lumps and bumps?

A majority of lumps and bumps that appear on the body or face are benign — but any abnormality you experience or find should be shown to a doctor to make sure it is not something serious. And if it does turn out to be serious, the sooner you are examined the sooner you can get treatment.

For lumps and bumps that need to be removed — from fatty cysts to unwanted moles, warts or skin tags to any other bulge or protrusion — Dr. Volshteyn offers an experienced and adept hand. Special care is taken to remove them to minimize scarring or other tell-tale signs.

An experienced plastic or cosmetic surgeon is often the smartest choice for removal of unwanted skin growths. Special techniques can be done to minimize scar size and characteristics. Also, great care is taken to ensure that your experience is comfortable and stress-free.

So if you’ve been troubled by unwanted skin growths, whether they are harmless or of serious nature, don’t put off their removal. Take care of it soon — that way you won’t have to live with it any longer than you need to.