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While you have heard many people talk about breast augmentation or reduction, it isn’t very common to hear people talk about corrective cosmetic surgery for the nipple. Yet, millions of people – both men and women – suffer from some type of nipple deformity or defect.

Nipples can be easily corrected. Inverted nipples can be remedied and for people concerned that their nipples are too large, nipples can be made smaller or to project less. All corrective surgeries are performed on an out-patient basis with the patient able to return home the same day and to get back to work in less than a week. The procedures can also be added to other treatments such as Breast Reductions, Lifts or Gynecomastia treatments.

Inverted Nipples

Inverted nipples can be both a cosmetic problem and a physical problem if the nipple is inverted enough to not allow breast feeding. Correcting inverted nipples normally requires incisions in the nipple to carefully separate constricted milk ducts. This can be done in such a way that not all milk ducts are damaged so that the patient can breast feed at a later time. Internal sutures are used to give the new projection added support and a stent may be used post-op to help instill and ensure an outward projection.

Areolar Reduction

The areola is the round part around the nipple’s base. While the areola can be naturally big for some women, for others, a breast reduction requires a new areola size to correlate with the new smaller breast shape.

Areolar Reductions are performed by incisions either around the edge of the areola or around the base of the nipple. Excess skin is removed and sutures are in place for about a week. Some women with very large areola may require a “lollipop” incision that runs around the areola with one vertical incision from the bottom of the areola to the base of the nipple. Care is taken to place the incisions inconspicuously.

Nipple Reduction

Nipples can be either too long or too wide. If nipples are too long (projecting too far or drooping) the tip of the nipple can be removed and the new nipple length sutured for healing, or a middle strip around the neck of the nipple can be removed and the tip can be sutured to the base.

If nipples are too thick a pie shaped wedge can be removed from the nipple and sutured, creating a thinner nipple. These two procedures can be combined for people who suffer from nipples that are both too wide and too long.

Puffy Nipple Correction

Puffy nipples are those that remain puffy on a normal basis – regardless of temperature or arousal. While they are often associated with Tubular Breast Deformity, they can occur on their own as well. Some men suffer from this as well and it can be associated with massive weight training or gynecomastia.

To treat Puffy Nipples, the size of the areola is reduced and internal sutures are put in place to help stabilize the new shape.

Risks and Complications

All surgeries have some level of risk and complications. For nipple repair procedures these include infection, scarring and in some cases the inability to breast feed. Dr. Volshteyn will go over all possible risks as well as answer any questions you have during the pre-operative consultation.

There is no need for you to be self-conscious of your nipples – you can get them fixed. Because the surgeries are typically on an out-patient basis, you’ll be back at home the same day and will be able to return to work in many cases the very next day. Within a few weeks your nipples will heal and you will won’t have to be self-conscious any longer.