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Male Chest Implants are a solution for men looking for more definition and size in their pectoral areas. For some men, weak or poorly formed pectoral muscles can be very discouraging. Genetics can simply make some men not able to build or define this area of their body. For others, a deformity or asymmetries can cause self-consciousness or embarrassment. Some bodybuilders would simply like to create a bigger look than what they have already created. There are many reasons why men would want Male Chest Implants.

About Male Chest Implants

Male Chest Implants are soft, but solid silicone implants placed in between the pectoral muscles to add bulk, size, and definition to the chest region. Male Chest Implants are not the same as Female Breast Implants. The look different, are placed differently, and are made out of different materials. Male Chest implants cannot leak or deflate. Male Chest Implants make the chest look bigger and more developed. Male Chest Implants can be used to correct any existing muscle asymmetries or to help an underdeveloped chest.

About the Procedure

Male Chest Implants are usually performed in a hospital or surgery center under general or twilight anesthesia, but patients are not required to spend the night and can go home the same day. Incisions are placed in the arm pit. The incisions are about two inches long, but the scars themselves are inconspicuous because of their location. From the incision, Dr. Volshteyn can create space between the layers of the pectoral muscles – these are the muscles that make up the chest area. In this space he will place the soft, but solid silicone implant. The muscles hold the implants in place, preventing them from shifting or moving as well as creating a natural looking, strong appearance.

The results are immediately visible. While you will experience some swelling (and possibly some bruising) in the first few days, this should peak on the third day, showing you more and more of your new pecs as the days go by.

A Time to Heal

You will be able to go home the same day as the surgery, but will need to refrain from showering or bathing for a minimum of two days. Any discomfort you feel can be treated with pain medication. Most people take about a week off from work, but this can vary depending on required work activity and exertion levels. Some people are back to work sooner, and others with more physically demanding jobs may need a couple extra days. Lower-body workouts can be resumed in about three to four weeks and upper-body workouts can resume in about six weeks. After the surgery you will wear a compression garment for three to four weeks. The compression garment minimizes swelling, promotes healing, and offers support to your new physique.

Risks and Complications

All surgeries come with risks and complications. Having a qualified, experienced surgeon and assisting staff as well as carefully following pre and post-op instructions will help to minimize any chance of experiencing complications. Some risks include infection, bruising, swelling, hematoma, asymmetries, implant rejection and slippage.
But complications are rare and most people are extremely happy with their new appearance and physique. Male Chest Implants can make a huge difference, regardless if the recipient is just an average Joe looking to create a more proportionate body or a body builder looking for some extra help in the size and bulk department.