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Undergoing Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery can be one of the most personal and private decisions a person can make. Yet, within the many procedures that we at Sierra Surgical Arts do to help people create better lives for themselves, some are even more private than others.

Women who are self-conscious and unhappy with the length or shape of their labia minora – the inner lips around the vaginal opening – may feel as if they have no one to talk to because the subject is so personal and private. They may keep their thoughts about their bodies to themselves, even while it makes them self-conscious in the bedroom and uncomfortable during many different physical activities such as bike riding or horseback riding.

Yet, Labial Reduction, also known as Labiaplasty and Labiaplasty, is a routine procedure – hundreds of women get it done every year and the results are really amazing. It treats large labia as well as asymmetrical labia. Women who fretted about their predicament or who put it off for years usually wonder why they didn’t do something about it sooner. It is an outpatient surgery that requires no overnight hospital stay and that heals relatively quickly with great results.

The Benefits Labial Reductions

Long labia can make a woman self-conscious about her body and can make some physical activities uncomfortable or even painful. By shortening the labia, discomfort and irritation can be greatly reduced if not completely eliminated. Women who before were self-conscious in the bedroom (some women avoid sex altogether before the surgery because they are so self conscious) often feel relieved and have more sexual self-confidence. Labial Reductions can also make personal hygiene easier to maintain, as well as helping to simplify such activities as urinating and sexual intercourse.

About Labial Reduction Surgery

The surgery is usually performed on an out-patient basis using general or twilight anesthesia. Neither the clitoris nor the urethra is affected when the labia is made smaller. The labia will either be shortened or a small triangular-shaped wedge will be removed with the sides sutured together to form smaller skin folds. Retaining a natural shape along with all normal sensation is paramount. Self-dissolving sutures are used so you won’t have to come in to have the stitches removed.

Risks and Complications

All surgeries come with some level of risk, such as inflammation and infection. Choosing an experienced, qualified surgeon as well as strictly following pre- and post-op instructions will help to minimize the level of risk and complications.

A Time to Heal

After the surgery you may feel a little sore for a few of days, but both the swelling and discomfort will diminish within the first week. Ice packs can help to relieve swelling or bruising. You will need to wear an absorbent pad for the first week as well and keep to easy activities. You should wait to resume sexual activity and strenuous activity for six weeks. The body will continue to heal itself in the months to come and you will notice improvements throughout the first few months.