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Gauge earrings have become increasingly popular over the last few years and with that more people have undergone such type of piercing. However, like many fads, people tend to outgrow this phase and decide to have their gauged earrings repaired or closed.

There are various grades of defects when it comes to gauges. Some holes may be relatively small whereas some people increase their gauge size over time. Regardless of the size, gauges result in a void of soft tissue. Meaning, there is a hole where normal tissue resides. This is what makes gauge earring repairs different than the repair of torn earlobes, the loss of soft tissue.

Gauge earlobe repair is most commonly performed under local anesthesia in our office and performed within an hour or less time. The sutures used to close the skin are usually removed within 5-7 days; meanwhile patients are given the responsibility of keeping the surgical repair site clean. Patients are provided with detailed post-op instructions to ensure a healthy healing.