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Familial Multiple Lipomatosis is an extremely rare condition characterized by multiple lipomas, generally painless, distributed throughout the body and extremities. Diagnosis occurs when it is found in more than one family member, sometimes over numerous generations.


Lipomas found in areas not on the head or shoulders are a primary symptom of Familial Multiple Lipomatosis. The lipomas can occur on the hypodermis, the lower layer of the skin, and connective tissues. They tend to be painless, but can cause irritation. Progression of lipomas can lead to disfigurement, impaired mobility, or even disability.


Physical examination and medical history review by a licensed physician specializing in lipid fat disorders

Treatment of Familial Multiple Lipomatosis

  • Traditionally, surgical removal of the fatty tumor(s) is performed, however, the patient is left with scarring and in cases of multiple fatty tumors, multiple scars are accrued.
  • A less invasive option has been liposuction, however, it is difficult to remove the entire tumor resulting in future recurrence.
  • Dr. Volshteyn has developed an innovative method of removing the fatty tumor utilizing ultrasonic destruction with minimal incisions.  This process turns the tumor into a liquid consistency and then gently suctioned out through the same small incision.
    • Minimal scarring
    • Little to no discomfort or downtime
    • Ideal for removal of multiple lipomas
    • Can be done under local anesthesia
    • In many cases no sutures are needed


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