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Endoscopic Breast Enlargement – Breast Surgery

New advancements are always happening in the field of plastic and cosmetic surgery – especially techniques that minimize scarring, speed up healing and lessen the amount of “down time” a patient will require.

Endoscopic Breast Augmentation is an innovative example of this. Endoscopic Breast Augmentation yields smaller incisions that are more discreetly placed. Smaller incisions mean less noticeable (if noticeable at all) scars, less trauma to the body, and faster healing time.

Endoscopic techniques offer benefits for both people looking to get implants for the first time as well as those that may need breast implant revision due to capsular contracture.

About Endoscopic Breast Augmentation

Endoscopes have been used for years in other forms of surgery. The use of endoscopes allows surgeons to see into the body more clearly while only requiring the smallest incisions. An endoscope is actually made of two parts – the very small endoscope that houses the camera and shows the inside of the body to the physician, and the tools in which to perform the surgery.

Incisions are typically made in the belly button or in the arm pit — two places that heal well and that easily hide scars. The size of the scars is dramatically smaller than those of traditional breast augmentation or implant corrections.

Benefits of Endoscopic Breast Augmentation

As stated before, because Endoscopic Breast Augmentation requires smaller incisions there is less scarring and faster healing. In addition, because the incisions can be place far away from the breast, there are no scars on the breast and less chance for nerve damage or loss of sensation.

Who is a good candidate

You can find out if you are a good candidate for Endoscopic Breast Augmentation by coming in for a consultation with Dr. Volshteyn. Some people’s bodies are more suited to Endoscopic Breast Augmentation than others – the ideal candidate would be seeking smaller implants with existing good nipple placement. However, many other women benefit from this technique as well.

As the field of plastic and cosmetic surgery advances, better techniques emerge allowing for great results with fewer risks and side effects. Now that Endoscopic methods are being used with Breast Augmentation, more women can achieve the look that they want with less scarring, faster healing and more peace of mind.