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Earlobe Surgery New Jersey – Ear Surgery

Torn earlobes are a common, easily fixable problem that requires no down time – you can immediately return to work and your daily activities. The procedure to fix torn earlobes usually takes less than an hour, so you could literally have your earlobes repaired on your lunch hour and go straight back to work.

Earlobes usually tear in one of two ways. The first is by simply wearing earrings that are too heavy. This type of tear happens very slowly, usually over several years. The second type is when an earring gets pulled, causing the earring post or wire to rip through the bottom of the lobe. This type can often be caused by baby hands grabbing at their mother’s jewelry, or by having an earring get caught in a sweater or something similar.

There are several ways to repair a torn earlobe, and the procedure will depend on the type of tear you have and if you would like your piercing repaired or re-pierced. The most common procedure uses what is known as a z-plasty repair. Z-plasty allows the scar to heal more easily and to be less noticeable, but you will need to wait six to twelve weeks before you can re-pierce your ears. Z-plasty is a common techniques surgeons use with various incisions, always to minimize scarring.

Recovery from Torn Earlobe Repair is quite easy. While you will be able to return to all of your normal activities immediately, it will be important to keep your earlobes very clean. You may be given antibiotics to reduce possible infection. Depending on the type of repair you had, you may be asked not to wear normal jewelry or re-pierce your ears for a couple months.

All surgeries come with some level of risk, such as infection or hematoma, but these happen very rarely.

If you suffer from torn earlobes and miss being able to wear great jewelry or feel self-conscious of the way they look, we encourage you to learn more about earlobe repair and to call our office.