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Compartment syndrome is a complex medical condition that occasionally occurs as the result of trauma, surgery, burn, frostbite, overexertion or other reasons.

The muscles and other deep tissues swell, compressing blood vessels and nerves.  If not treated, compartment syndrome can lead to very significant functional injuries, including difficulty or inability to use arm, or leg, or loss of soft tissues or extremities all together.

The first line treatment of compartment syndrome is fasciotomy, a surgery to relieve the excessive pressure.  Most of the time the skin graft is applied to the area and the functional problem is commonly solved.  However, there is usually a significant cosmetic deformity in the area.

At Atlantic Surgical Associates, Dr Volshteyn, a board certified plastic surgeon, had developed a series of reconstructive techniques designed to improve the cosmetic appearance of unsightly results of fasciotomy and return the normal appearance of the body.

Commonly, these procedures may be covered by insurance.

To learn more about our advanced reconstructive techniques for post compartment syndrome reconstruction, please call our office.