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Some parts of the human body are difficult to contour: they just don’t seem to respond to exercise when it comes to building mass. The calves and buttocks are two such areas. For people who are looking for a curvier derriere (especially in today’s Jennifer Lopez day and age) Buttock Implants or sculpturing can be the answer they’ve been looking for.

There are two different ways to create a shapelier bottom. The first is through Buttock Implants and the second is through Micro-fat grafting. Meeting with your physician for a consultation will be your first step in determining which option is right for you.

About Buttock Implants

Buttock implants are typically made out of a semi-soft silicone, more like the implant material used for augmenting chins than augmenting breasts. This material will never leak or burst because it is not liquid. Because the gluteus muscles are used in so many activities throughout the day – from all movement to sitting in a chair – it is important that the implant be extremely durable, comfortable and placed correctly.

About the Procedure

Buttock implants are typically placed so that you would not sit on them. Put your hand in your back pockets – that is where the buttock implants would be placed. The Buttock Implants are placed within the muscle to create a better look while ensuring that the implants do not “slip” or move.

Incisions are placed in the crease of the buttocks. This allows the implants to be properly placed while the incision located inconspicuously. The surgery takes about two hours and is performed under a general anesthesia or an epidural and sedation. Most patients can go home the same day.

A Time to Heal

You will need about two weeks off from work to heal properly from Buttocks Implants. After the surgery you will be placed in a compression garment that you will wear for at least a week. You can sponge bath for the first five days, but won’t be able to bathe, shower or get your bandages wet until then. No movement is recommended for the first 24-hours and it can be helpful to have somebody with you for that first day. You will need to sleep on your stomach for a week and severely limit any physical activity. In about two weeks time you can begin to incorporate light activity, but will need to refrain from any strenuous activity for at least six weeks. It is important that you give yourself the time to heal to help ensure a full and healthy recovery.

Risks and Complications

All surgeries come with some risks and complications. With Buttock Implants these include infection, swelling, bruising and hematomas. Implants can move or slip. Because of the location of the implants, some implants can disturb the sciatic nerve. Taking care of yourself by carefully following your physician’s pre-and post-operative instructions along with giving yourself the proper time to heal can help you avoid these complications.

Micro-fat Grafting — the Brazilian Butt Lift

Another solution for flat buttocks is Micro-fat Grafting, also known as the Brazilian Butt Lift when used for the buttocks. Fat taken from other parts of the body can be injected into the buttocks to create a rounder silhouette. Because the buttocks is a body part adept at holding and storing fat, grafts placed here seem to have better results than other parts of the body (such as the lips). There are fewer cases of necrosis (where tissue dies after being separated from blood flow) and fewer cases of fat absorption. Micro-fat Grafting also comes with the benefit of removing the fat on the flanks, hips or thighs, which in turn also help to make the buttocks look more rounded. Recovery from Micro-fat Grafting is much faster than Buttock Implants, but the results may not be permanent.

The good news is that genetics does not always have to dictate your life or your body. Options such as Buttock Implants help you create the body that you want and the body that you feel comfortable in.