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Breast Implant Correction New Jersey – Breast Revision

The best way to ensure that you have a successful Breast Augmentation is by educating yourself about the procedure. Researching physicians and making sure you find a highly qualified, experienced and gifted surgeon, getting the highest quality implants, and taking care of yourself both pre- and post-op are some of the best keys for a successful outcome. However, even under the best circumstances, no implant lasts forever and sometimes mistakes happen, or the body reacts poorly with the implant, or the implant itself fails.

The most common problem to correct is asymmetry. Other problems that can happen but that are much less common are leakage and capsular contracture. Saline implants that leak can cause a visibly “deflated” and uneven look, even through clothes. While the saline is quickly absorbed by the body, it is recommended that you see a doctor immediately to remove and replace the implant to not cause further complications down the road. Capsular Contracture happens when a woman’s body develops a scar across or around the implant. The scarring can cause a visual deformity and can create an unpleasant feel to the breast.

So while some women may need Breast Implant Correction for these reasons, a larger percentage simply want a different size of implants or different type of implants or placement to improve the feel or appearance of the breast.

Regardless of the reason for the revision, the important thing to remember is that almost always implant problems can be corrected and that it all starts with a consultation. There, problems, goals and expectations can be identified and solutions can be presented.

About the Procedure

Possible corrective measures include removing the implants altogether, removing and replacing the implants, changing the location of the implants (such as from above the muscle to below the muscle), improving the positioning of the implant, or performing a mastopexy (breast lift). Sometimes the best solution can be a combination of procedures.

Risks and Complications

If you are simply replacing an implant, the procedure and recovery will be very similar to your previous Breast Augmentation. Typically, incisions are made around the upper part of the areola and the implant is removed and replaced. You will be under general anesthesia but will be able to go home the same day. You will wear a pressure garment to support the breasts and promote healing and will need several days off from work and a few weeks before you resume strenuous activities.

If repositioning, pocket change (moving the implant from above muscle to below, or vice versa) or a mastopexy needs to be performed, you should expect the procedure to last a little longer and to take more time off from work. Your post-op care will be very similar (pressure garment and taking it easy), but healing my take a little longer.

No implant lasts forever, yet. So while you may feel disheartened about needing a revision, realize that you are not alone. Many women get new implants and having corrections performed is common. Know that you don’t have to keep living with a malformed implant or that you can still get bigger implants if you want them. Making an appointment for a consultation is the first step in attaining your physical goals.