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Pain Pump Instructions

Your doctor has provided you with the Advanced Infusion pain control infusion pump. This is an advanced technology pump designed to administer a local anesthetic to the site of your pain for the next several days. This is the most critical time period in the control of your post operative pain. During this time, if you have any questions or concerns about the use of this pump, please do not hesitate to call your doctor.

The local anesthetic you are receiving is similar to the Novocain you receive when you go to the dentist. The local anesthetic numbs the surgical site and relieves your pain. It may also reduce your need for pain medications that contain narcotics which cause drowsiness, nausea, and constipation.If your pain continues after the infusion pump has emptied, your doctor may choose to refill the pump. The Advanced Infusion pain control infusion pump is contained within the hip pack you are or several catheters go from the infusion pump to the site of your surgery.

These catheters carry the local anesthetic that numbs the surgical area. A clear patch covers the area where each catheter enters the skin. This patch is used to prevent bacteria from entering the site where the catheter enters the skin and causing an infection. When the infusion pump is empty, the doctor will remove it. The adhesive patch over the catheter will be removed and the catheter will be pulled out. The hole left by the catheter is about the same size as the hole made by a hypodermic needle, and should close quickly on its own.

Living with your pump:

The Advanced Infusion pain control infusion pump is designed to be carried in its hip pack person and is completely portable.   The catheter(s) going from the pump to the insertion site can be easily broken or pulled out from the skin. Handle them carefully!

Do not get the pump, catheter, or dressings wet! This may lead to infections. Do not tamper with the pump, catheter, or dressings in any way unless instructed by your doctor to do so.  If any problems arise such as leakage, discomfort, excessive pain, or breakage of the pump or catheter, contact your doctor immediately.

Or you may select the Pain Pump manual


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